Upgrade Your Electrical Systems

Call us when you need an electric panel upgrade in Landrum, SC

As your building ages, your electrical systems are put under increased stress. This is why you can’t afford to put off needed electrical upgrades. If you’ve noticed flashing lights or the smell of smoke, it’s very likely that it’s time to schedule an electric panel upgrade. Fortunately for residents of the Landrum, SC area, Hawk Electric LLC offers convenient services.

We’ll work efficiently to complete your upgrade in a timely manner. To maintain a safe environment, schedule an appointment today. We back all of our work with a warranty.

5 signs that you need an electrical upgrade

Wondering how you can tell when you need electrical upgrades? You should call us if you’ve noticed:

  1. Breakers tripping frequently
  2. Flickering or dimming lights
  3. Discolored or sparking outlets
  4. Burning smells coming from appliances
  5. Fuses blowing frequently

Getting that electric panel upgrade you need shouldn’t be difficult. Contact us today for hassle-free services.